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A dream - a small truth for everyone,

Which makes life greater.

Dreams are like enormous oceans

Which can be easily navigated

And the tallest mountains can be climbed

Because there are no impossible things

In this world of dreams

You can so easily reach the stars

Worlds appear to us so clearly.

Each of us just like Aladdin

Wants to light our own magic lantern

And discover our own magic dreams.

Because in the world of dreams, everything is easy and beautiful.

Because this world of dreams

Can construct your own real world

Just as beautiful.

Dreams are our own Victorian puzzle

Which we build in the most beautiful way we can.

The world would become a real oasis of beauty.

Let us dream of this oasis,

Because even if our real world

Is not touched by the world of our dreams -

Then this world of dreams already exists,

Somewhere far off in the small country of Qatar.