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Qatar can boast the highest level of income per head of populations in the world. The strong economic condition of the country is due to the third biggest reserves of natural gas in the world. It is the leading exporter of liquefied natural gas. Qatar has become the West's most important energy partner. At the same time the presence of huge financial funds produced by the sale of the "Blue Gold" has nourished the ambitions of Qatar and led it to become a leader not only in the Arab but in the Muslim world.

The state-run Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is one of the biggest in the world. It has billions of dollars at its disposal in property, commercial, sporting, financial and cultural investments.

The wealth of Qatar is above all due to its oil and natural gas reserves. However, Qatar is also amongst the countries with the highest percentage of atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions per head of populations and this has to be resolved within eighteen years at the latest. The government has a special strategy for this. It has called it its "National Vision 2030", and conservation of the natural environment is a very important feature of it. For example, it intends to reduce carbon dioxide emissions while paying

Qatari families possess more limousines than the number of family members. Electricity and water are free of charge, and petrol prices are almost insignificant.

Qatar is a typical Arabian Gulf country - hot and very rich. It is no surprise then that air conditioners work to the maximum in hotels, taxis, the University and, of course, the huge malls in the centre of Doha. The sun is merciless. November is one of the colder months of the year, with a temperature of 30 degrees in the shade. Normal summer temperatures are 50 degrees. Limousines, pickups and estate cars rush along the wide boulevards of Doha.

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