Qatar is a land that not many people have heard about. When it was announced that the 2022 World Cup was going to be held in this location, the public had no clue where it was. It is in the Middle East. This tiny country borders the Arabian Gulf on one side and Saudi Arabia on the other.

Qatar was once part of the British protectorate, but became an independent nation in 1971. It is currently ruled by the monarchy and A-Thani family. Qatar has a close relationship with the United States military and is "U.S. Central Command's Forward Headquarters and the Combined Air Operations Center."

It is very easy to travel in Qatar because the price of gasoline is very reasonable. Being a Middle Eastern country, petroleum is one of their main exports. Unlike other Middle Eastern countries, there are advanced roadways and many highways and expressways. There is also a bus system, which connects several of the towns within this country. The bus systems are the preferred method of travel for those who live in Qatar.


Often people are drawn to the capitol city of Doha. Not only is it the capitol, but all seats of Government take place here. The countries main airport is located here and all aspects of finance and transport are situated in this town. Up the coast from Doha is Al-Khor. This small fishing village is a great place to catch some sun. There are many beaches in this area, which are pristine in nature. Many are drawn to this area because of the water sports and also the stunning gardens. Bird watchers also love to come here as there are many species that dwell here. Often called the garden city for its extreme beauty, this is a great place to visit in Qatar. For horse enthusiasts, Al-Rayyan is a must see area. It is approximately 10 kilometers north of the city of Doha. There are numerous horse races and the annual Arabian horse show that takes place here. Many enjoy races and the gambling aspect. Al-Rayyan is perfect for that. Those traveling who want a true island getaway should visit Palm Tree Island. One will find this spectacular little island just a short 10 minute trip from the capitol city of Doha. Palm Tree Island is the most family friendly area in Qatar. There are numerous restaurants, boats and an enjoyable waterfront setting. It is possible to find many different types of meals

from seafood to barbecue here. It's a great place to bring the family and spend the day boating and eating. Those bringing children to the area need to make sure to also visit the local Zoo. Located on Salwa Road a mere 20 kilometers from Doha is one of the best zoo's in the Middle East. It has an amusement park and a large collection of animals. Children will be fascinated at the collection of reptiles and various birds.

Often called the entertainment city, Kingdom of Aladdin has games and many attractions to entice people of all ages. For those who like to watch movies, there are theaters. There are ample restaurants and even a rest house area. More than 18 game features can be found here, making any day an exciting experience.

Ever thought about taking a camel ride? Riding camels is a great source of entertainment for those in Qatar. For those who enjoy the sun and sand, the inland area of Khor Al-Adaid is perfect. Many people take overnight camping trips to the area. There are places that people can sand ski. There are many dunes in this area, which are famous for sand skiing. A popular area for those who enjoy the great outdoors, Khor Al-Adaid should be a stop on every tourists list. The water seems to draw tourists from everywhere and in Qatar it is no different. There are several beach towns which attract visitors.

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One of these beach towns with increased popularity is Bir Zekreet. Those who would love the experience of camping on the beach can enjoy their pleasure in this town. The city is surrounded by the beautiful desert, including several sand dunes. If one has never