Orientalist Art

The Orientalist art movement, although a predominantly 19th century phenomenon, started in the time of the Renaissance and continued throughout the years emerging in the 21st century seen through new forms and techniques. Themes and places of interest to Orientalist artists span the geographical areas of Middle Eastern and North African Islamic countries. However, Orientalism as an art movement cannot be associated with any particular European country nor encapsulated in any of the local "schools", as throughout the centuries it was exercised by different Western cultures who documented their experiences of extraordinary meetings with inhabitants of the "other". Orientalism as a historical and cultural event has been uniting various aspects of cultural life for a number of centuries, including literature, fine arts, architecture,

Textiles & Jewellery -

Traditional textile
weaving for clothes,
carpets and tents

Weaving and textiles, taken as one, are a most important trade that marked the progress of mankind and the focal point of attention for many of the ancient world's civilisations.

Qatar Jewellery
Qatar cultural

Qatar forms the most distinctive objects of QMA costumes & textile collection.

Collection of fossils
and remains of animals
and plants

Qatar's Natural History Collection is a treasure beyond price.

Fossils are remains of plants and animals that existed, millions of years ago. By studying fossils we were able to enhance our knowledge about the life in the past, how the creatures lived and how the environment has changed through geological time.

Arms & Armour -
Collection of antique and
rare weaponry

Qatar's extensive treasury of antique weapons is a historical trove of information, containing many beautiful artifacts from the development of weapons throughout the ages.