H.E. Pierre Cardin is famous as the man who "democratised" fashion by being the first to place his initials on his clothes when he founded the brand in 1954 and since then he has opened hundreds of shops throughout the world. He revived the glory of the Paris restaurant, "Maxim" and opened branches in New York, Palm Springs, South America, Peking, Asia and Russia. He has created and developed theatres and yachts for luxury voyages and recently purchased

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Casanova's palace in Venice. Pierre Cardin was the first French designer to present a pre^t-aporter collection. This was in 1959 - the birthday of contemporary fashion marketing. Pierre Cardin is also well known as the first designer recognised and acclaimed in Japan and China. He is a pioneer in the presentation of haute couture at revues in shops and in the open-air; his unique fashion show on Red Square in Moscow shown live to 200 thousand people will remain unforgettable. He is a designer who has become a fashion icon and laureate of many international prizes in the world of fashion, art, economy and others. 200 thousand people work for him around the world.

Today he is the only modelier and designer to own 100% of his brand. His exhibits can be seen in exhibitions in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, as well as in the museum in Paris, named after him. Monsieur Cardin plays host to cultural events in his own theatres, the "Espace Cardin" in Paris and the "La Costa" festival of

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Pierre Cardini

arts. The brand created in 1954 by the French designer, Pierre Cardin, is one of the most powerful in the world, and in his own words: "My best advertisement is my name". When he created his own label in 1950, everyone around the designer told him that what he was doing was impossible and only his belief in his own powers and dedication helped him to achieve success. "They told me at the time that what I was doing was like trying to land on the moon - impossible." My strategy then was to believe that one day man would set foot there.

Cardin, who is now 89 years old, began his career as a men's tailor in Vichy, France, and was to