become one of the first designers of ready-to-wear clothes, before the creation of some of the most outlandish cosmic models in the 1960's. Over the next decades he was to become one of the most famous and successful designers in the world, making deals worth millions of dollars in distant countries like Russia, Japan, India and China to license perfumes, cosmetics, clothes and anything else which might suit his world famous logo.

Today, like every self-respecting designer, he continues to create things which grab people's attention, and has even turned to the exciting world of real estate. During the last decade he has undertaken the restoration of the scandalous chateau of the Marquis de Sade in the small villa of Lacoste in Southern France. He purchased all the land around much to the irritation of some of the local residents. He also plans to construct an enormous, luxury residential complex in Dubai style in Venice, designed by himself, of course.

At a ceremony in the "Venice" opera in Venice, the world famous Italian designer, Pierre Cardin was awarded the prize of "Lion of Veneto". The award was given to him for his creative achievements and his ambitious plan to build the Palace of Light. Cardin'idea to build a 245-metre building in the industrial zone of Margera is as unusual as many of his fashion creations. The building will resemble three flowers in a vase. The three curling towers of different heights will be connected via six platforms. The building will house restaurants, a shopping centre, concert hall and cinema. The project will cost about 3 billion euro. Pierre Cardin's intention is that the Palace of Light be a mark of respect to his Italian roots. Cardin was born as Pietro Cardini, in 1922, close to Venice. Soon after that his family moved to Paris.

Cardin examined a number of places for the construction of the Palace of Light, including Moscow, Paris and a number of towns in China. His preference, however, was for Venice in the belief that he would be enhancing the city with a new symbol.

The 60-floor Pierre Cardin complex will create new jobs in a time of economic crisis - about 5000 for four years while it is being built. The aim is to create 7000 longterm jobs in the Palace and supplier companies. With these numbers the designer manages to gain the support of the mayor, Giorgio Orsoni.

The building will be environmentally friendly and will be surrounded by an enormous green area. For his part, Pierre Cardin is convinced that the Palace of Light will become a symbol of Venice, like the bell tower on San Marco square.

For 90-year old Pierre Cardin, this will be a long-term dream come true. He calls the project a "sculpture in which people can live".

Pierre Cardin Fashion
Pierre Cardin Fashion