Any time you think about setting up a business in another country the question of whether or not it is safe does have to be asked. There are some countries that are very safe and others where you are going to be at risk. The good news about Qatar is that it is a very safe country, safer than virtually any country in the Western world.

Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world; the crime is very low so this is not something that you need to worry about if you are planning to start a business in Qatar. There are several reasons that Qatar is so safe, the primary reason is that as a Muslim country this is a big part of their culture. While Muslims may get a bit of a bad reputation in the West the reality is that they are very respectful of other people and are

not at all inclined towards violence. The result is that the crime rate in most Muslim countries is very low and this is the case with Qatar. Another reason that Qatar is such a safe place is that it is a very wealthy country and the citizens are well taken care of. Most have jobs and there is an extensive social safety net. The result is that there is not the poverty that causes so much crime in other countries. There is of course some crime but compared to what you would find in the West it is at a very low rate, so there is no need to worry about it.

One other factor that makes Qatar so safe is that it is a very stable country politically. There are some countries in the Middle East where this is not the case and there is a danger of war or revolution. This is

not the case for Qatar. They have managed to stay out of the wars that have occurred in the area and they are on good terms with their neighbors. In addition there is little opposition to the government so there is not much chance of a revolution breaking out while you are there.

There are of course dangers in Qatar; the biggest of these would be the roads. Drivers in Qatar have a fairly liberal interpretation of the traffic laws so there is a reasonably good chance that if you drive in the country you will be involved in an accident. You also need to be on your toes as a pedestrian as they will likely not stop for you when you try to cross the street. The good news is that Qatar does have a very good health care system if you do get into an accident. That being said it is best to stay off the roads as best you can.

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