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To be happy does not mean having an ideal life.

To be happy means to be in love with life, despite all

the challenges and frustrations.

To be happy means to become the author of your

own life story.

To be happy is a victory, not an accident

Money can provide you with convenience and security

but cannot buy you a happy life.

Money can buy expensive presents but not love.

It can buy a ticket for an entertaining show, but not

a cheery mood.

Fame brings applause, but not joy.

People have always loved power, but power does not

create a happy life.

One person can lead an entire nation, but may not

know how to manage his own emotions and be a poor

leader of himself.

To be happy means to travel the wasteland beyond

yourself, but be capable of discovering the oasis

hidden in your heart.

And so every morning enjoy the miracle called Life.