Given the lack of a focal point for the protests and the obfuscation of the specific problem, the crisis moved into a new phase - the protestors redirected their demands and made them purely political. However strange it may appear at first sight - the street wanted the summoning of a Greater National Assembly, which would amend the basic law of the country and deprive the political parties of representation in power and cede power to a number of initiative committees which would put forward candidate deputies. The constitution was even publicly burnt. They spoke of the deficiencies of the proportional election system and the pluses of the simple majority system which would resolve the problems of pol-

Furthermore, while the political class was evident in its absence and regrouping, the attacking protestors made the mistake of expanding the frontline of the attack, instead of concentrating their blows. Some of the television channels, deliberately or not, focused on the heroes of the street riots, who days later were to appoint themselves the leaders of the revolt. What is more - days after the beginning of the street protests, it turned out that in Sofia there were at least 4 different centres trying to promote themselves as the original leaders of the protests. In Varna, original

A joyless story. This will lead to new endless debates in parliament which have no other aim than to show the hungry people who ate their money. At this time the street will want a blockade which will be raised only when everything has collapsed...